ESPA Guide to Winter Haircare

In the colder month’s your hair and scalp can suffer just as much as your skin and body when the mercury drops and central heating comes on.

Exposed to the elements, over styled, pulled up and hidden under hats and scarves, follow our guide to enviable condition and beautiful vitality all winter long.

Over-styling, especially in the winter, can dry your hair and scalp making them more susceptible to damage. Helping to combat this, we suggest that at least once a week you apply Pink Hair & Scalp Mud as an intensively nourishing treatment.

Massaging into scalp and through damp hair before shampooing, leave for 20 minutes (or overnight if preferred) and rinse before your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Deeply hydrating and nourishing from scalp to tip, hair is left unbelievably manageable.

You could even add a little Regenerating Face Treatment Oil to your Pink Hair & Scalp Mud when applying, as recommended by one of our ESPA loving customers. Giving hair an extra boost of nourishment, your hair will be super shiny, luxuriously soft and incredibly healthy.

To purchase the ESPA Hair and Skincare products please contact us on 028 9042 1135.

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